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Anyone who’s been using a computer for any amount of time knows about the plethora of download sites available for content like music and videos, but going through some of these sketchy websites can open your computer up to security problems, finding good quality content can be a hassle and download speeds can drag.

The safer alternative for anyone with an iOS device, of course, is iTunes, but some of the prices that get charged for what can be had for free are high enough to make anyone wonder if they should just sell their device and get something else! That was, until now. . .

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Our FREE iTunes gift card generator solves the problem of expensive content and shady download sites by putting the power of the free iTunes gift card in your hands. These are legitimate gift card codes that can be used for App Store downloads, iBook Books, and iTunes. No more slow downloads, low quality content and potential for security holes. Just the apps and music you love without all the fluff, and we also have a online free version.

There are tons of sites out there claiming to offer free itunes gift card codes but some of these programs and sites can carry viruses and malware. Which is why we’re here.
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Unlike fly by night torrents and generic sites that promise you free itunes gift card codes but don’t deliver, our program has been thoroughly tested to be 100% effective and safe. With no viruses or malware to contend with, you’ll get completely free iTunes gift card codes that will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your device’s life.

So if you’re tired of breaking out the credit card for apps, songs and videos, grab our free itunes gift card generator and give your card a rest. You have nothing to loose!


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You Paid Too Much for Your iTunes Content! Our iTunes Gift Card Generator Means You Never Have to Again!

With the latest version of iTunes, your options for controlling your media library have never been more expansive, but it can be overwhelming to the unprepared and even more daunting than learning the software for the first time. Our guide to iTunes’ advanced features, however, will make you an expert in no time at all and our completely free iTunes gift card generator will mean you never have to worry about running out of money for the content you love!

If you’ve been looking for a way to get free iTunes gift card codes, you’ve found it. We offer a completely free and unlimited code generator that will give you an infinite number of iTunes gift card codes and allow you to download more of your favorite content without having to worry about viruses and malware. Our software had been proven effective by hundreds of thousands of downloaders who, just like you, aren’t happy with the prices Apple charges for content.

That said, if you’re looking for more efficient ways to manage the content you do get by using your free iTunes gift card, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look:

Master the Check
It sounds rather obvious, but when you put a check mark nect to a piece of content, you’re telling iTunes to use the checked item for a multitude of situations. For Example:

  • When ripping CDs, only those tracks that are checked will be imported.
  • When playing CDs, only those tracks that are checked will be played.
  • Smart playlists offer a Match Only Checked Items option—only those items that are checked will be added to a smart playlist if this option is checked.
  • When syncing an iOS device, you’ll find a Sync Only Checked Songs And Videos option.

Quicker Searches
We all know how important it is to quickly find tracks and content you’re looking for, especially when you want to play something for someone! The fastest way to do it in iTunes is to use the command, option, F key combination to go to the search box.

Quicker Organization
More of a time saving tip than an iTunes nuance (though, don’t let that fool you, it’s pretty nuanced to iTunes!) you can filter out your new additions in order to make it easier to find content you just imported– perhaps the bulk of songs you just bought with your free iTunes gift card codes, or the ones your ripped from your aging cd collection.

From within the music library in list view; choose view, as list. You should see a date added column. If it’s not visible, enter the view options and put a check next to date added. Click on the date added column header and iTunes will sort your library by the date your content was added starting with the most recent first!

Always Available
If you’re looking to ensure your source iPod/iPad/iPhone is available in your iTunes and want to sync them up by Wi-Fi but aren’t in the list, connect each device to your computer via USB. They should then show up in the iTunes source list with sync. When you disconnect them, they’ll still be in the devices section in iTunes. Just don’t eject them by pressing the button within iTunes, this will tell iTunes to ignore the devices!

Manage Your Space
This can be a killer to any mobile iOS device; when iTunes Match floods your device with music or video, your device can get quickly filled up. If you need to make room for other media (or just don’t want a 5 gig clip of cats playing with yarn), you can remove media by swiping to the right with any item, tapping delete and confirming it. If you’re not sure or just really like kittens, though, you can always hit the cancel button.

Let’s Get Advanced
We promised to display some of the more advanced features as well as give you free iTunes Gift Card codes. You may want to, for example, make use of some of the older features still available in the newer version of iTunes but find it hidden or disabled by default. If you’re looking for Cover Flow or iTunes DJ, though, you may be better off installing an older version.

If you’re looking for the familiar side panel, you can access it by using control, option, S or navigating into the View menu. Unfortunately some of the features you’ll be able to modify there aren’t as customizable as they once were, but you’ll find plenty to work with.

When you’ve applied your free iTunes gift card, you may want to change up your Genius playlist options based on available music or the current song. To do this, click the arrow next to a song name and hit ‘Start Genius;’ a new playlist will be generated from your selection. If you’re looking for another way to do it, you can choose “Genius Mixes” in the side bar to get a range of playlists based on the genres in your library.

No matter how much you enjoy your music, never forget that our free iTunes gift card generator is there to make your life easier and save you money. We’ve worked long and hard to provide you with the tools you need to really enjoy your music and keep the party (or study session!) going all night long.